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Fast-Action Editing

Rapid Revision for Power-Packed Writing

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Course Description

Fast-Action Editing: Rapid Revision for Power-Packed Writing, focuses on measurable learning outcomes. Expect "Engage and Apply"...active. learning-by-doing...from this course.

In this course, you apply specific editing/ revision strategies, one at a time; then you combine these skills. This improves your ability to sell your material.

You also interact with the course author, and other course participants...to assess your writing, editing and publishing goals. You measure improvements to your writing as you go.

Application and Performance (AnP), not passive video-watching determines your success.

Course Specifics

The course runs for 16 to 18 weeks, and concludes at the end of Week 18...whether you complete the course or not.

This means that you need to keep to an Application and Performance (AnP) schedule.

You will need to...

  • Revise and submit the Pre-Editing/ Revision Assessment
  • Participate in the Personal Performance Learning Interactive Module

You also need to set Personal Performance Learning "Real-World Success Target" Goals

  • Complete the "It's your Turn" editing/ revision tasks (Assignments) for each Action Step and complete the four final Challenge editing/ revision tasks
  • Post each assignment for Instructor and Peer Review
  • Comment on the Assignment Submissions of two (2) Course Mates
  • Post comments for each of 13 Module Discussion Questions
  • Complete the "Self Check" Quiz for each module before progressing to the next module
  • Revise and submit the Post-Editing/ Revision Assessment

In other words, you must...

  1. Apply course writing, editing and revision concepts to writing tasks
  2. Interact, collaborate and participate with Course Mates, and
  3. Measure your improved editing and revision skills against Real-World Targets

Real-World Targets include any and all positive responses and reactions from...

  • Publishers
  • Editors
  • Bosses
  • Clients and Customers
  • Writing Awards
  • Writing Contest Wins
  • Reviews
  • Readers - who are not your friends and relatives

Real-World Success Measures include any...

  • Book advances
  • Published books, eBooks, articles, Letters to the Editor )
  • Blog Posts (not your own Blog), Forum Comments
  • Press Releases
  • Websites and Web Pages (your own site, customers', clients' sites
  • Book and other awards
  • Writing accepted in a book club
  • Courses
  • Information Products
  • Accepted Queries
  • Cover Letters for projects that receive the "Go Ahead"
  • Grants Awarded
  • Job Promotions
  • Other

Real-World Evidence can be anything that documents your improved writing skills. Flexible and creative measures that improve your status as a writing professional.

Success Targets

Increase your publications, advances, content sales, book awards, job promotions, salary, and other professional benefits from writing.


You must complete this course within the 18-week timeline.

You can complete the course at a faster pace, but the course management software requires that you complete one module before advancing to the next.

To complete this course means that you must...

  • Complete a Pre-Course and Post-Course Assessment Edit/ Revision
  • Submit edited/revised writing assignments for each module (15)
  • Comment on, evaluate and assess the writing assignments submitted by two Course Mates
  • Answer the Discussion Questions for each Module that lists a Discussion Question (13)
  • Evaluate your writing improvement as you apply course activities with Checklists and Rubrics

Manage your Time

Make a commitment to meet course activity timelines.

Create a schedule and stick to it. Allocate time to complete this course.


Please respond to Course Mates in a kind, positive way. Make this a positive, creative, happy learning experience.

Your Instructor

Joseph Chmielewski
Joseph Chmielewski

Author and publisher

Certified Continuing Education Online Instructor

Texas Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)

Texas Licensed Professional Counselor Continuing Education Provider

Course Curriculum

  Editing and Revising Challenges
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days after you enroll


When does the course start and finish?
Start date June 1, 2016. You choose your pace. However, you must complete course modules (Assignments, Discussions, Real-World Application and Writing Integration Challenges) in order. Enroll today to ensure your space in this course.
How long do I have access to the course?
The course runs for 16 to 18 weeks, and concludes at the end of Week 18...whether you complete the course or not. This means that you need to keep to an Application and Performance (AnP) schedule.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We guarantee your success with this course. We cover this guarantee with our "No Questions Asked" refund policy...any time during the 18 weeks of the course. Enroll today with zero risk, and everything to gain in your writing career!

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